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“Their ingredient list is a mix of familiar ingredients like Kawakawa extract (anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory) to soothe, and Pohutukawa to tone and soften. There are also a few new or unfamiliar faces like Ephemer – an extract taken from sea algae during the ephemeral stage of the life-cycle or Maricol S, a natural soluble collagen with a skin identical structure derived from fish skin.”

An honest review on Syrene products

09 August 2019


“Skincare company Syrene has become the first New Zealand brand to be sold at Australian cosmetics retailer Mecca.”

Syrene first New Zealand brand line to be sold by Australian cosmetics retailer Mecca

22 June 2020


“Syrene is a formidable brand in the beauty industry and we were so excited to recently be graced with their Travel Companion set over our desks. We also think it is the perfect addition to your honeymoon beauty bag or for your next getaway.”

Syrene Skincare – Your New Travel Companion

31 August 2020


“If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to change up your winter skincare routine, this is it. Syrene is a New Zealand born, sustainable skincare brand, whose collection focuses on natural, skin-loving ingredients.”

The sustainable skincare brand from New Zealand will cure all your winter skin woes

21 July 2020


“Start by incorporating a rich masque into your regimen to help hydrate your skin. Syrene Skincare’s Aqua Hydration Masque is an overnight solution that provides antioxidants to help protect your skin from the environmental drivers of ageing.”

Solved: 5 Winter Skin Concerns

17 July 2019


“New Zealand is a growing hub of incredible beauty brands, and it’s latest export is a sustainability-focussed skincare brand worth knowing about.”

Exclusive: meet Syrene, the incredible skincare brand that’s just landed from New Zealand

01 July 2023


“Syrene is making waves as the new skincare brand to know. Their ethos is simple: to harness the power of the pacific and supercharge it with science in order to create soothing formulas that melt into skin.”

Syrene is one of New Zealand’s most popular skincare brands and its *finally* available in the UK

08 July 2020


“Inspired by the ocean, skincare brand Syrene is dedicated to reducing marine waste. Co-founders of Syrene, Jo Gilberd and Karen Yang tell’s The Beauty Edit more.”

The Interview: Jo Gilberd and Karen Yang, Co-founders, Syrene

19 August 2020


“Mecca’s creative director Marita Burke says their team fell in love with Syrene. First and foremost, we loved that we were supporting a home-grown brand from New Zealand. And then, of course, the product is beautiful. It’s packed with powerful ingredients, it’s light, it gently melts into the skin and the natural fragrance is very refreshing and uplifting. It was a super-easy decision to launch at Mecca and we are looking forward to our partnership.”

New Zealand Marine-Based Skincare Brand Syrene Launches at Mecca

07 June 2020


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