Syrene is officially the first New Zealand brand to be sitting on shelves in Australasian beauty giant Mecca stores this week and to celebrate we chatted with skincare lover, Jasmine Dowling about her at-home skincare shelfie.

How would you describe your skincare shelfie?
I would describe it as beautiful chaos! I have a whole shelf for fragrance, nearly half a shelf of serums because they are one of the products I switch between a lot depending on my skin, some of my go-to minimal makeup products (mainly creams), some of my favourite moisturisers to flick between and the bottom shelf is really for my masks, both sheet & tubes and my toners & exfoliators.

What does Jasmine’s at-home facial involve?
I start with a charcoal mask, then really go in with my longer skincare routine with a couple of serums, eye cream, lip mask, oil, then I do a facial massage with either a gua sha tool or another sculpting tool, then finish off with a hydrating mask.

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How do you practice self-care?
Self-care for me is all about being intentional in my activities. So whether it is my skincare routine, taking my time rather than slapping it on so I can get straight into my work for the day or whether it is watching reality tv. Letting myself just do that one thing and commit to it rather than rushing through or trying to multi-task.

Your go-to ingredients that you always make sure is present on your skincare shelfie?

For me I noticed a big difference when I started adding Vitamin C to my routine so that is now something I cannot live without. Oh and SPF of course!

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What are your top-tips for building the ultimate skincare shelfie?
Pick a method of organisation that suits you. If you hardly grab your masks – don’t put them front and centre. Stack products that you aren’t likely to use everyday and find storage solutions like a letter holder for your masks or empty candles for your tubes!

Tip: Syrene bottles and jars make excellent storage containers. Use your empty jars to store cotton pads or cotton buds and your bottles for your makeup brushes. See inspo here.

Do you change up your beauty routine seasonally?

Yes but with that being said, Brisbane is hot & humid 80% of the year so I only really notice a change in that month or two where we get a bit cooler and the wind comes through.

What’s your favourite thing about Mecca?
My favourite thing about Mecca is that you’re able to discover amazing brands you may not have had access to otherwise.

You can now shop Syrene in selected Mecca stores and online at and