We talk with Louise from General Sleep, a Local female-led sleepwear brand, driven by a vision to create beautiful, versatile trans-seasonal sleep and loungewear that looks great, feels amazing and advocates rest and pause. For those who love the idea of an extended Sunday morning, General Sleep encourages you to indulge in that lazy, lounging feeling, all week long.

We were inspired by General Sleep’s ethos and the similar views that we have on how important it is to shift our focus to self care through sleep and taking care of our skin, perhaps choosing Sunday as your day to slow down and create this ritual for you, and only you. We asked Louise what her Sunday consists of and what she does to take a moment out of her busy life to shift her focus, to inspire a moment to herself.

What inspired you to take on the General Sleep brand?

I made the decision to take on the brand as I have always had a passion for sleepwear and love how putting on a beautiful pair of pyjamas can make you feel.  General Sleep ’s ethos also aligns with my own values – I believe it is important to feel a sense of connection with the brand/product that you work with. 

How do you spend your Sunday and what are some of your rituals that encourages you to take a moment for yourself?

We spend Sunday morning as a family with our 3 and 5 year old, and will usually fill our cups by spending time with friends or going on an adventure outdoors.

The afternoon is then spent relaxing and taking moments for ourselves.  I like to get organised for the week and put fresh linen on our beds – nothing beats an early Sunday night hopping into bed with crisp clean sheets and PJ’s. 

Snuggling up with tea and a book, baking or watching a family movie are all Sunday rituals I enjoy and allow myself to ‘switch off’.

Describe your slow beauty routine. What are your go to skincare products and ingredients you look out for to incorporate into your skin ritual?

I keep my skincare routine simple and tweak it according to the season or how my skin is feeling.  My typical routine for both morning and evening involves cleansing, followed by a serum or oil and moisturiser.  I wear sunscreen daily and like to use a face mask a couple of times a week for extra hydration. My skin is on the dryer side so I always look out for rich nourishing ingredients to help with this as well as active ingredients to address signs of ageing.

What does Slow Beauty mean to you?

To me slow beauty is about using fewer, better products that really work for my skin and routine.  It is also about the sensorial experience and slowing down to appreciate that side of it as part of a daily self-care practice.

I believe slow beauty also speaks to inner wellness and focusing on a combination of lifestyle factors that contribute to this such as diet and exercise.

In order to wind down before sleeping, what ritual would you recommend? Is there anything you do in particular that helps you relax and calm the mind?

I am a big fan of an evening bath, especially in the colder winter months – for me this is the perfect way to wind down before bed.  I keep my phone out of the room at night and find the ritual of my evening skincare routine followed by choosing a favourite pair of cosy PJ’s and reading a few pages of my book calms the mind and puts me into rest mode.

For more information on General Sleep, visit generalsleepstore.com